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Trauma Response Level Question
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4/27/2018 at 12:04:09 PM GMT
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Trauma Response Level Question



Looking for input regarding type of trauma team response that was called for the patient. Would you put more weight on the TFS checking modified or full activation, or on the TFS team members call/response times? Ie. in 1 case, there is no check for modified or full, however TS was notified prior to patient's arrival (full defined by stated as ER team + TS. There is also ERMD documentation that TS was called and said to call back after pt arrival). In the 2nd case, modified was checked, but the TS notified prior to pt arrival. As both are documented on the TFS, looking for input on how others are prioritizing this data point.


Thanks in advance!

4/27/2018 at 1:47:25 PM GMT
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Hello Nicole,

Is the a data point specific to your State or Hospital registry? Could you share a little more about this data point. What registry software are you using? Do you have a reference document where I can read up more about the data point? I am thinking.... Full or Modified are types of Trauma Team Activations?


Garrett Hall, BSN, RN, CSTR, CAISS

4/29/2018 at 2:31:30 PM GMT
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Hi Garret and thanks for any input - this is state specific with no state guidance for the 2017 discharges manual other than this is a pick list field with Full, Modified, Retro, or None to be selected. I have included the link below and the data point is referenced on page 345. I know alot of facilities are collecting this so looking for additional thoughts on what other facilities/abstractors might be doing here so that we can discuss what is best for our purposes.

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