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External Cause Codes Heirarchy
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4/11/2017 at 5:41:11 PM GMT
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External Cause Codes Heirarchy
Hello - hoping to get an outside opinion on which would be the primary external cause code - the pt had a slip in the shower causing him to hit his head the evening before arrival and from MD documentation, this led to a subdural hemorrhage. The patient did not present to the ED at this point. The next morning the patient was driving to a doctors office for an appt and was in a minor, low speed MVC in a parking lot which EMS responded to and brought the patient to the ER. Because the main injury was not a result of the MVC, would the fall be the primary cause code and MVC be the secondary cause? I am a little unsure because the DD says the primary should be the main cause of the injury, but also says if multiple causes of injury to code MVC before fall. Any thoughts and explaination? Thanks!

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